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New INCD Operational Center inaugurated at UTAD

LIP-ECO/INCD | 10 Novembro, 2023

"The INCD operational center at UTAD in Vila Real was inaugurated this week, during the RNCA Annual Meeting, in the presence of representatives from UTAD, FCT and INCD. The new center significantly increases the data processing and storage resources made available by INCD to the scientific community."

The INCD (Infraestrutura Nacional de Computação Científica) operational center at UTAD (University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro) in Vila Real was inaugurated on November 7th 2023, during the Annual Meeting of RNCA, the National Network for Advanced Computing, which this year took place at UTAD.

The inauguration was attended by UTAD, FCT and INCD representatives, in particular Nuno Castro (president of the INCD directorate and LIP director) and Jorge Gomes (INCD technical coordinator and head of the LIP Computing Group). A visit to the UTAD datacenter where the equipment is housed followed.

INCD’s computing and data infrastructure has operational centers in Lisbon, Coimbra and now also in Vila Real with the support of UTAD and FCT. The new operational center in Vila Real significantly increases the processing and storage resources made available by INCD to the scientific community through its nationwide infrastructure.

Access to the resources of this new INCD center will be made available to the scientific community within the scope of the RNCA, namely through the FCT Calls for Advanced Computing Projects (CPCA). Applications for the 4th CPCA, which will include the new INCD resources, are open in the modalities of experimental access (A0), development access (A1) and regular access (A2).

With a capacity of about 5000 CPU cores and 4 Petabytes of storage, this operational center will provide HPC (high performance computing), HTC (high throughput computing) and cloud computing services, complemented by data storage systems and services. The computing nodes are equipped with AMD Epyc processors with 512 Gigabytes or 1 Terabyte of RAM interconnected by a low latency communication network with a bandwidth of 200 Gigabits per second.

Source: https://www.incd.pt/?p=noticias/detalhes&id=41



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