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Pint of Science

Lígia Breda Melo | 29 Abril, 2024

"A Pint of Science session took place in Braga this month, with the participation of a student from LIP-Minho"

On April 23rd, the city of Braga hosted an exciting Pint of Science session, which served as a preparatory activity for the eagerly awaited European Researchers' Night (EIR) 2024. Among the outstanding speakers was Alexandra Fernandes, a PhD student at LIP-Minho working in the context of the Pierre Auger Observatory and its collaboration.

Alexandra's presentation, entitled "5 calories per particle: Discovering the most energetic particles in the universe", promised a fascinating journey through the cosmos and the mysteries of physics that surround it. She shared insights into the world's largest observatory for the detection of astro-particles, located in Argentina, and delved into the complexities involved in detecting these ultra-energetic particles.

In her own words, Alexandra explained: "The largest observatory in the world for detecting astro-particles is in Argentina. It studies both their sources and the mysteries of the physics resulting from the collision of these particles with the atmosphere. However, detecting these particles is particularly difficult. In this talk, we'll explore the discoveries and challenges of detecting the most energetic particles in the cosmos."

Currently, the focus of Alexandra's work is on studying the physics of air showers created after cosmic rays interact with the atmosphere. Her research represents a crucial advance in the understanding of cosmic phenomena and in pushing the boundaries of human knowledge about the universe.

The Pint of Science session in Braga provided not only a moment of reflection on the latest scientific advances, but also an opportunity for the public to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of astrophysics and particle physics. It was an inspiring evening that certainly left a lasting impression on the participants, feeding their curiosity and passion for scientific knowledge.




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