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LIP joins AlmaLinux’s new HPC and AI SIG

Lígia Breda Melo | 02 Maio, 2024

"LIP has officially joined the High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Special Interest Group (SIG) within the AlmaLinux ecosystem"

AlmaLinux OS Foundation, the nonprofit steering the community-owned AlmaLinux, introduced its latest initiative tailored to empower the HPC and AI communities. In a move signaling a commitment to innovation and collaboration, AlmaLinux unveils the HPC and AI Special Interest Group (SIG).

The newly formed SIG, comprising seasoned professionals and field experts, is poised to revolutionize the Linux landscape for HPC and AI enthusiasts. Led by Hayden Barnes, Senior Open Source Community Manager for AI Software at HPE, the team embodies a shared passion for unleashing the full potential of AlmaLinux within these cutting-edge domains.

Among the founding members stands Zacarias Benta, an IT Engineer from LIP, that states: “AlmaLinux has become our main Linux distribution, due to its community focus, openness and support. It has allowed us to operate and deliver services for research and innovation in a wide range of scientific and technological domains. We strive for excellence and AlmaLinux has provided us the tools to deliver high quality HPC and AI/ML services.”

Markus Hilger, another founding member and HPC Engineer at MEGWARE, echoes Benta's sentiment, underlining AlmaLinux's role in facilitating optimal HPC and AI clusters for their clientele. Together, these pioneering voices herald a new era of collaboration and excellence, where AlmaLinux serves as the bedrock for transformative projects in HPC and AI.

AlmaLinux OS stands as a beacon of open-source innovation, guided by a steadfast commitment to community governance and long-term stability. With a growing network of over 350 mirrors and endorsements from industry titans like VMware, GitLab, and Tenable, AlmaLinux emerges as the go-to platform for governments, defense sectors, scientific research institutions, and global businesses alike.




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