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LIP into the Future

Lígia Breda Melo | 15 Maio, 2024

"38 years developing Science and Technology "

On May 9th, LIP celebrated its 38th anniversary with a special event called "LIP into the Future". It was a milestone occasion that served as a stage to look back on the journey of scientific exploration and discovery over the years, as well as to discuss ideas and goals for the future.

The event took place at LIP-Lisboa, with two sessions interspersed with a social moment.

The first session, entitled "Cosmic Stories from PhD Students", was given by LIP's talented PhD students. Alexandra Fernandes (Auger), Annalisa Berti (ATLAS), Fernando Souza (Pheno), Esteban Chalbaud (Pheno), Francisca Afonso (NucRia), Giacomo Da Molin (CMS) and Íris Damião (SPAC) shared their experiences and innovative research, mediated by André Torcato (NPStrong).

The second session, "Scientific and Technological Challenges and Opportunities", aimed to explore the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of science and technology in the field.
Carried by  Mário Pimenta, President of LIP, the session had the participations of Reynald Pain, former President of IN2P3 and French delegate to CERN, Chiara Mariotti, from INFN and winner of the 2018 Emmy Noether Prize, Alessandro De Angelis, author of "Cosmic Rays" and "Galileo in Padua", Miguel Miranda, Executive Director of Air Centre, Ricardo Conde, President of PT Space and Portuguese representative at ESA, ESO and SKAO, Rita Sá Machado, Portugal’s Director General of Health and Manuel Heitor, Director of IN+ and former Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Over the past 38 years, LIP has been a catalyst for discoveries, innovations and collaborations that transcend borders. 

We thank our valued partners, friends and the community that support our mission.


Photos of the event, taken by Agostinho Gomes, are available here.



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