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New RPC-TOF-FD installed in HADES

LIP-ECO/A.Blanco | 14 Dezembro, 2021

"The LIP HADES group and Detectors Laboratory have just completed the installation of the new RPC-based time of flight detector of the HADES spectrometer at GSI"

The HADES group, in collaboration with LIP's Detectors Laboratory, completed last week the installation of the new time of flight (TOF) detector for the HADES spectrometer at GSI. This detector, based on RPC technology (Resistive Plate Chambers, one of LIP's specialties in the development and construction of particle detectors) covers a previously uninstrumented region of the spectrometer, extending the time-of-flight measurement capability to the forward region of the detector (the region closest to the beam direction). The new RPC-TOF-FD (where FD stands for forward detector) will allow to detect protons and pions in light hyperon decays (Λ, Σ), Xi (Ξ) and resonances with strangeness.

The LIP group designed, built and operates an essencial component of the HADES spectrometer, the so-called RPC-TOF-W: a wall (W) of 3 m x 3 m of resistive plate  chambers  (RPCs)  that  accurately  measures  the  crossing  time  of  particles. This is  important  information  for  the  determination  of  the  type  and  momentum  of particles. In 2020 and 2021 the LIP group worked to prepare HADES for the future facility FAIR: upgrading  the  RPC-TOF-W  to  handle  the  expected  high  particle  rate (200 kHz) and completing the design, construction and  installation  of  the  RPC-TOF-FD.

GSI  in  Darmstadt  (Germany)  operates  the  only  facility  allowing  to  accelerate  nuclei  of  all  chemical  elements  occurring  on Earth. The facility has been closed for a few years and is  slowly  coming  back  to  life.  The  performed  upgrades  will  allow  to  put  into  operation  the  SIS100  1.1  km  ring accelerator,  the  key  component  of  the new Facility  for Antiproton   and Ion Research (FAIR) currently under construction.




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